Victor A. Ying

PhD student


Hi, I’m Victor. I’m a PhD student working with Daniel Sanchez at MIT CSAIL. My primary work is in the Swarm project, which seeks to build new abstractions between hardware and software that make it as easy to exploit multicore parallelism as it is to write ordinary sequential programs. My work spans computer architecture, compilers, and applications. I seek not only to make it easy to scale workloads where parallelization is expensive and error-prone today, but also to make it practical to scale workloads that today’s systems cannot scale at all.

Before coming to MIT, I received my BSE in electrical engineering from Princeton, where I worked with Sharad Malik on Boolean satisfiability solvers. I have also done internships working on optimizing the performance of hardware and software systems at MSR, NVIDIA Research, Pure Storage, and NIST.

You can access my curriculum vitae here.


  • Computer Architecture
  • Parallelizing Compilers
  • Parallel Programming Models
  • Programmable Accelerators